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Incomparable Reputation for Providing the Very Best

All KDS equipment is manufactured in the United States. KDS is dedicated to ensuring your needs are met and prepared to offer any assistance with quick responses. Our strategic location in Houston Texas, allows us operational advantage to give you the best service no matter where your business is. We service Bird, Hutchison-Hayes, Sharples, Swaco, Derrick, Westfalia, Centrysis, Alfa-Laval, Flottweg and Broadbent.

Professional Advice

Our team of experts recognizes that a personalized service is key to the performance of a team. Since we are 100% sure that the conditions and needs vary from client to client, we work to make equipment available that is adaptable to your process. We provide a solution tailored to your needs and to best suit your business opportunities, regardless the shift or the country where you are.

New Equipment

Top of the Line Centrifuges.

Kubco has established an incomparable reputation for providing the very best when it comes to centrifuge equipment. We are the industry leader in providing customers in all industries with the most efficient, effective and quality centrifuge equipment. We offer centrifuges from the leading manufacturers in business today.

Refurbished Equipment

Saving Money on Equipment

Kubco appreciates that new centrifuge equipment is not necessarily the best choice for all of our customers. In some instances, refurbished centrifuge equipment can be the best option for a particular company. Therefore, at Kubco we maintain an extensive inventory of top of the line refurbished and used equipment.

Through the use of refurbished or used equipment, your company can save money on the purchase of a centrifuge. In addition, Kubco maintains a professional team that provides ongoing repair and maintenance services to all of our customers, including those who elect to go the refurbished route.

Accurate Evaluations

Production is our language. Our technicians are trained and have experience to offer you SOLUTIONS that achieve the goal that your company is looking for.

New Equipment
Remanufactured Equipment
24/7 Repair and Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

Keep Equipment in Prime Condition

The Kubco team is with you the entire time you utilize a centrifuge from our company for your business. Kubco offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services to all of our customers. We understand that you have made a significant investment in your centrifuge equipment. We partner with you to make certain that your centrifuge equipment remains in prime operating condition not only immediately after you make a purchase of a product from our company but into the future as well. We work closely with you to ensure that you get the very most out of your centrifuge investment.

Kubco provides repair and maintenance of major centrifuge brands including Bird, Hutchison-Hayes, Sharples, Swaco, Derrick, Westfalia, Centrysis, Alfa-Laval, Flottweg and Broadbent.

Expert Consultation

Assisting Your Business

The professional team works closely with all of our customers to devise the most appropriate centrifuge equipment plan. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to appropriate centrifuge equipment. Every industry and every business within a particular industry has very different demands and needs when it comes to centrifuge equipment.

Through the efforts of the Kubco professional team of experts, we partner with all of our customers to customize a centrifuge solution that will serve the needs of each individual customer not only today but well into the future.


In the present and future.
KDS works today on centrifuges to meet the needs of the new century. What we offer are tailor-made solutions “close to you” from budgets, designs, to its plans in the future when your company demands even more of its production line.

Our inventory of parts and maintenance service are at your disposal, with a sense of urgency to make sure your company does not stop operation.

Centrifuge Parts

Quality Parts for All Your Needs

In addition to providing comprehensive repair and maintenance services, Kubco maintains an extensive inventory of quality centrifuge parts. We stock the parts you need at a most reasonable cost to you. No matter what your part needs may be at any given point in time, Kubco has what your company requires.

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Committed to your needs, now and into the future.

Indeed, if you currently are utilizing another brand of centrifuge equipment, take the time to contact us to see what our professional team can offer to you in the way of repair and service. We are committed to providing all of your centrifuge repair and service needs not only today but into the future as well.

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