Kubco Decanter Services

Cleaning the world, one drop at a time.

Kubco (KDS), is a company located in Houston, Texas. We specialize in the technological aspect of the separation of liquids and solids through our centrifuge decanters. Founded by a group of experts in the different areas of the industry, KDS offers experience as well as service; a service that goes beyond any other in its market. Our centrifuge equipment is strictly designed to meet the needs of your business.

A Greener Alternative

Companies these days demand a specialized process to help them take advantage of all their resources and at the same time meet environmental regulations. The combination of these two factors make companies lean towards a greener alternative. At Kubco, we help our clients find productive ecological solutions at a reasonable cost.

The Centrifuge Process

The centrifuge process is the movement of particles in a fluid under extreme centrifugal force. This action is similar to the displacement of particles in a gravitational field. This causes the accumulated solids to head forcefully in one direction while the liquids are expelled at the opposite end.

Whatever your need – we CAN deliver.

We know you need a centrifuge that is fully compatible in your field of work and improves your operation. Some of the main advantages found in KDS equipment is its high performance; operated in a simple but efficient manor that requires no complicated skill or trained personnel of a specific branch. This is the Kubco difference – and we’re ready to help.

Our proposal for your industry is…

“Everything in one place,” referring to your centrifuge decanter and related services. We are committed to offer you a true experience of service and liability for your company and your process… In the present and in the future.

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