Used Sharples Centrifuge Equipment

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Sharples is among the most well-known brands in the decanter centrifuge industry due to its rich history of providing quality machinery. Despite being acquired by Alfa-Laval in 1988, there are still quite a few Sharples centrifuges on the market. Kubco, we have assembled the most experienced professional team to consult on used Sharples equipment to ensure it meets your company’s centrifuge needs.

Used Sharples Centrifuge Equipment

Centrifuge Models Included

  • P-3400
  • P-3000
  • P-1000
  • PM-95000
  • P-2000
  • PM-35000
  • P-5000
  • P-5400
  • PM-75000

Kubco offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services for significant centrifuge brands.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to keeping your centrifuge equipment operating at peak condition to ensure you’re getting the most of your investment now and well into the future.