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The success in the production of beverages lays in the balance of flavor and texture without neglecting the most important element, the health of the process.

An important issue for producers is the manufacturing costs. Therefore the centrifuge and the separation process play an important role in benefiting from all stages of raw material.

  • Sediment Treatment
  • Water waste Treatment
  • Separation of Juice
  • Wax Removal


One of the most important changes in the area of energy in the 21st century has been the frequent use of ethanol as fuel for motor vehicles.

Perhaps the centrifuge is the most important part in the process of ethanol, which carries out the separation of solid material (organic). That is why KDS strives to provide top quality equipment durability specifically designed for the transformation of biofuels.

The biofuel market is growing rapidly and one of the main benefits offered by KDS is the versatility you can have in your equipment as your production volume grows.

  • Production of ethanol
  • Production of Bio-diesel.


  • Separation of polyethylene organic solvents.
  • Production of plastics such as PVC and PE.

The KDS centrifuge plays a significant role in the process of obtaining petroleum products by ensuring the transfer between different multiple stages of these products reach the ultimate goal, always taking into consideration that all our equipment is looking to gain the maximum performance under harsh environments.

KDS is currently working hand in hand with international companies worldwide producing PVC.


  • Recovery of animal based products (grease, proteins, etc.)
  • Recovery of vegetable based products (oil, proteins & starch)
  • Recovery of vegetable oil and grease (three phase centrifuge)
  • Obtain starch from natural products

Today the food industry requires a process more and more efficient that does not leave aside the quality of the foods taste and texture. Quality in quantity will be the new demand by consumers in the 21st century; foods that will be low in fat, high in protein and with a low amount of additives.

The industry looks for products to match the expectations of consumers and in turn be commercially viable in terms in cost and duration. That’s why the KDS centrifuge provides numerous advantages to the industries trade of cattle, pigs, poultry and fish. With the support of the centrifuges it allows all possible aspects of the raw materials of these industries be used in its entirety.

The part of the protein is extremely important today in that it generates flavor ingredients, dietary supplements and other functional proteins. The durability of the equipment operating in the protein processing industry is one of the most important aspects to look for to achieve the final result. KDS offers equipment designed to operate 24/7, with a minimum maintenance program, it ensures your production volume.

Metal and Minerals

The KDS centrifuges are used in key processes of recovery in the mining industry among:

  • Drying and mineral recovery
  • Procedure for cleaning drill cuttings (Recovery of Barite and Bentonite)

These processes require extensive experience to operate under unfavorable conditions, with high wear and extremely corrosive fluids. In the recovery of minerals KDS centrifuges are designed to give accurate results even in the most complicated tasks of drying and separation.

In the recovery of Barite and Bentonite, this plays a key role in the oil extraction process to be discussed in the next section along with the other processes.


The centrifuges in this section are used to create more efficient extraction processes and reprocess elements that may cause long-term environmental damages.

  • Separation of sludge containing oil from oil wells or oil gaps
  • Reprocessing and recovering Barite and Bentonite which takes place in the drilling of a well.

The drilling of an oil well generally requires a significant amount of water, whether it’s from a natural origin or product of a secondary operation.

In some processes the water is mixed with oil and must be recovered to comply with the environmental regulations.

As for the recovery of barite and bentonite, this plays a key role in the drilling process, helping to contain the walls of the underground pressure and provide adequate means for the evaluation of drilling. The use of centrifuges allows recovery of drill cuttings for reuse.

Pulp and Paper

The paper and pulp industry is regulated by extreme environmental measures due to the nature of their industry and the quantities of water needed for processing. That is why the centrifuges are of vital importance since they make more productive and efficient processes and keep their production cost.

These are some processes the centrifuges participate in:

  • Reduce water consumption
  • Water waste Treatment
  • Transformation of the raw material
  • Reduce chemical use in the process.

Water waste Treatment

One of the main objectives of KDS is to make their industry more productive and at the same time care for our environment. That is why “one drop at a time” KDS seeks that the environment and productivity go hand in hand.

If your company is involved with the sewage treatment, know that the centrifuges are involved in a very important part of the process since it understands the serious consequences that can occur by not performing the process correctly.

The centrifuge will be present in any process involving the clarification of the vital liquid for reuse or its transformation into a resource that is environmentally friendly.

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