Metals & Minerals Centrifuges

High-quality Metals & Minerals Processing Centrifuge Equipment

Demand for sedimentation and centrifugation equipment is on the rise and KS is positioned to provide custom solutions for companies looking to reduce waste and increase separation efficiency. Mineral processing achieves through separation by dewatering large quantities of solids to achieve fine moistures.

These processes require extensive experience to operate under unfavorable conditions, with high wear and extremely corrosive fluids. In the recovery of minerals KS centrifuges are designed to give accurate results even in the most complicated tasks of drying and separation.

This includes the recovery of Barite and Bentonite which play a key role in the oil extraction process.

The KS centrifuges are used in key processes of recovery in the mining industry among:

  • Drying and mineral recovery
  • Procedure for cleaning drill cuttings (recovery of barite and bentonite)
centrifuges for metals and minerals

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